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About Us

The QUE Group, Inc. is a registered 501C Non-Profit company, incorporated in the state of Arizona.

Its purpose is to educate the user community of the Quantum Control Software application developed by Component Control. The QUE Group holds annual conferences in San Diego, California where users and Component Control employees alike give lectures on a best practices, tips and techniques surrounding the use of the software in their Aviation Business.

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Over 35 forum topics from Accounting,to Aircraft Maintenance to Purchasingand Export Control.

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The QUE Group has been busy. Readthe latest news and activities here andstay up to date.

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The annual QUE Group Conference is a mustattend event for companies to learn industrybest practices.

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System Administration

New Discussion

Options when upgrading Oracle 11g

  • Warren Coykendall Asked
  • 19 Jul, 2024
We are looking at upgrading from Oracle 11g to a newer version. We are running Quantum 10. Anyone have any thoughts on what's the best Oracle SE2 database version and Instant Client version to get the most advantage of Oracle and maintain our older Quantum / Crystal Reports?I've heard that with Oracle...
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Jae Lupo

  • 19 Jul, 2024
We recently upgraded from Oracle 11g to 19c. We are running Quantum 12.7.7. We are still able to run the older 11g clients with no issue. We don't use the...




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