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The QUE Group, Inc. is a registered 501C Non-Profit company, incorporated in the state of Arizona.

Its purpose is to educate the user community of the Quantum Control Software application developed by Component Control. The QUE Group holds annual conferences in San Diego, California where users and Component Control employees alike give lectures on a best practices, tips and technics surrounding the use of the software in their Aviation Business.

This conference has evolved to be the worlds largest Aviation community gathering focused on the daily operation of aviation businesses. Companies from all over the world and of many types (MRO, Parts Traders, Brokers, Manufacturers, etc.) participate in the user forums online and at the conference covering topics such as accounting, physical inventory, parts buying and selling, aircraft maintenance and parts repair as well as technical topics such as system maintenance and backups or advanced reporting and software customization.

About Us

There are also speakers from outside the community on occasion that cover topics such as export compliance or industry regulation.

The QUE Group is evolving to become a source for best practices throughout the industry and provides an exceptional platform for collaboration among Quantum users in the aviation industry.

The QUE Group is governed by an elected Board of Directors from within the user community on an annual basis. This volunteer board directs the activities of the group throughout the year, and the coordination of the annual conference.


Make Aviation Businesses Run Better Through Shared User Knowledge.