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If you encounter a message “Access Denied”, it means you are attempting to access a page that is for members only, or maybe your membership has lapsed. To verify, simply log onto your your profile by clicking on the “My Profile” link above. You should be able to renew your membership based on the desired membership level from your profile.

Email Assistance:

Phone Number: +1 (612) 877-3851

  • Option 1 – To learn about the annual QUE Group Users Conference
  • Option 2 – Conference Planning Committee
  • Option 3 – Assistance with your online user account
  • Option 4 – Public Relations Committee
  • Option 5 – QUE Group President
  • Option 6 – QUE Group Vice-President
  • Option 7 – Component Control Committee Board Members
  • Option 8 – General Message for the Board of Directors