• Business Intelligence Lead
  • Avmax


Vice President/Treasurer
  • Service Center Credit Manager
  • EPPS Aviation


  • I.T. Manager
  • Pacific Southwest instruments

Clinton Wilson

QUE Group Board Member
  • Director of Data Services
  • Blue Aerospace

Warren Coykendall

QUE Group Board Member
  • Database Administrator
  • North Bay Aviation

Mike Carey

QUE Group Board Member
  • I.T. Manager
  • American Turbo Systems
Position Descriptions

Position Descriptions

User Committee

Responsible for monitoring the user forums for high activity on specific topics that should be brought to the attention of Component Control. This person also polices the user forum content for inappropriate behavior or comments.

User Account Administrator

Manages the user accounts overall. Renewals, new account approvals, lapse accounts, cancelations and general administration. Ensure new account requests are actual users of the software and paying subscribers. May be called upon for providing activity or statistical reports or user lists.

Sponsorship Liaison

Responsible for administering all sponsorships, ensure the collection of sponsor logos, profiles, collection of money, placement of names and marketing content at the conferences, websites, etc.

Website Administrator

Responsible for the upkeep of the website, its content and correctness. Closely coordinate with all the Board Members to collect and post necessary information.

Promotional Materials Coordinator

Coordinates all promotional material for the QUE Group, both printed and product. Coordinate with Component Control and/or other Board Members and companies as appropriate.

Public Relations Coordinator

Responsible for the marketing efforts of the QUE Group. Email, broadcasts, flyers, press releases or other outreach activities will be coordinated through this individual.

Welcome Committee Coordinator

Responsible for the on-boarding of new members, providing resources and information that will quickly get them up to speed with the community and benefits of membership.